Working the flame to forge your novel…

“You can’t edit a blank page,” but how do you fill that page in the first place? Perfectionism, self-doubt and laundry are real-life hurdles standing between you and your first draft.

Book Forge helps you navigate these obstacles and keep the coals of your creativity hot so you can hammer out words and forge your first draft.

Writing is not just a skill, its also a habit

To make progress, you have to set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself, and stick to them.

To finish your novel, you need to overcome your fears and doubts, and learn from your mistakes. 

You may not have a lot of time to spare so you need to make the most of the time you have.

But doing all that on your own can be hard. That’s why having a mentor and a community can make a huge difference.

The Team

Deanne and Hazel make a great team. The yin to the yang. Fred to Ginger. Shrek to Donkey (though they’re not saying which is which).

Together, Hazel and Deanne have created Book Forge, a fellowship group that helps writers take back control of their own story, learn to believe in themselves, and sit in the chair to write the novel.

Working the Flame to Forge Your Novel

Book Forge helps you find the tools within yourself to hammer out the words of your novel.

We will help you build confidence in your writing skills and develop resilience. We will show you how to better manage your time to make your writing a priority. Most importantly, we will help you get the job done.

Book Forge can provide you with support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability.


  • Are you a writer who wants to stay motivated and track your progress?
  • Do you need a simple and fun way to celebrate your achievements along the way?
  • Do you want to discover your most productive hours so you can tailor your day to be more creative?

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